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Welcome! We are a British dog site with visitors from all over the world. We have a vast archive of dog photos that have been sent in over the years, as well as lots of interesting dog-related pages and articles.

On this site we celebrate being out and about with your dog - and you'll find pictures of dogs sent in from the UK, America, India, Thailand, Australia and many countries in between!

Use the Search Bar at the top if you're looking for a specific breed or dog.

We have three canine housemates: Georgie, a Golden Retriever; Jessie, a black Labrador Cross; and Portia, a Dalmatian. Read about us here.

I love to document some of our dog walks on video.

Check out some of my Dog Videos In The English Countryside here.

Here's a sunny one I took of the dogs enjoying the beach near Brighton, England.


Come and visit our Cafepress Shop where you'll find fun, doggy designs on t-shirts, mugs, greeting cards and loads more products.

We also strive to suggest the finest in dog products. Take a look at our dog accessories page for products that are sure to enhance life with your canine friend. Lots of good advice here.

dogs splashing in sea
We also have:

If you're looking for Pet Insurance, our three dogs are insured with Animal Friends. This company is happy to take on pups or older dogs, is cheaper than our previous insurer for two dogs, and they're also an ethical pet insurance company that donates large amounts from their profits to animal charities worldwide.

collie and german shepherd cross on dog walk

If you have any interest in creating your own website, read about Site Build It and how it works for me.


Working on this site is a joy - thanks to those of you who visit often, and welcome if you're a first-timer. We hope you'll return!

3 Collies in Sussex

We dedicate our website to those of you who brave the weather and enjoy the great outdoors with your pet. A daily walk keeps the doctor away and the vet at bay ;)

small dogs running happily up hill

We are a British dog site coming to you from Brighton
on the south coast of England.

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'Out And About' Mugs, Tees, Gifts

black dog artwork on mug

Make Amazing Pet Scrapbooks for Free! - great for new puppies, doggy updates, sharing the fun we have with our pets.

Fab Photos!

shiba inu pup close up with red lead

blue great dane sitting in garden

red boxer laying on ground waiting to go home

close up of australian cattle dog

husky malamute close up photo

face of fox terrier dog

american pitbull sheltering from rain

boston terrier looking back at camera

face of grey and white bluenose pitbull

springer spaniel splashing in scottish estuary

close up of chocolate lab face

blue nose pitbull puppy 7 months

Click here to see the other winners of the Dog Photo Contest which ran for 3 years until April 2012.

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