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Belgian Malinois-police-dog-shadow

by Roger Canady
(Vacaville California)

K-9 Shadow

K-9 Shadow

This is the most important dog I have ever had. "Shadow" is my K-9 partner and friend. He is now six years old and we have worked together for 3 years.

Shadow is originally from the Netherlands, but now serves the people of California. Shadow is trained in protection, trailing, and narcotics. I have a special place in my heart for dogs, but Shadow is like no other.

This particular shot displays the true nature of this website. We were literally out and about at work when I saw him sitting there watching me with those intense eyes of his.

I think you can clearly see the joy, focus, and work ethic in his expression. He loves being a police dog. It's almost like he was born to do this job. I am a lucky cop.

Click here to see more pictures of Shadow and Roger.

Comments for Belgian Malinois-police-dog-shadow

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Mar 20, 2013
looking for personal protection dog
by: Linda

Hi What a beautiful , happy dog...LUCKY both of you. I know someone who is looking for a personal protection dog, I used to have anumber for a police officer in Vacaville who trained and raised them. Do you know who that might be?
Connect lstrimble@comcast.net

Jul 01, 2010
Highly Commended
by: Hilary (Ed)

Hi Roger, you've received a Highly Commended for this great photo of Shadow. Well done!

Jun 15, 2010
by: Debbie

Shadow is absolutely gorgeous. Malinois are so smart too -- great job for a Malinois.

I thought our Gilbert (need to post him) might have some Malinois in him but based on all the chow/lab mixes I've met -- that's what he is.

If only a Malinois ...

Jun 15, 2010
by: Hilary (Ed)

Hi Roger, thanks for taking the time to send in this great picture. Shadow really looks 'on the case' and we're proud to have him on our site! Keep up the good work.

We are no longer taking comments on the site - thank you for your interest

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