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Black Lab Rottweiler Mix 2 year old Taylor Hiking In New Hampshire

by Eric J. Radcliffe
(Portsmouth, New Hampshire)

Taylor 2 yo. Black lab/Rottweiler mix hiking in New Hampshire in 2011

Taylor 2 yo. Black lab/Rottweiler mix hiking in New Hampshire in 2011

Taylor 2 yo. Black lab/Rottweiler mix hiking in New Hampshire in 2011
Taylor on a boulder, on Blue Job mountain in New Hampshire.

This is Taylor my 2 year old black lab/Rottweiler mix on a boulder at the top of "Blue Job" mountain in New Hampshire at sunset.

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Comments for Black Lab Rottweiler Mix 2 year old Taylor Hiking In New Hampshire

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Nov 30, 2013
by: Steve Friesner

I have had my "BEAR" for almost 11 years... someone threw him out as a puppy....him and his 3 sisters...when I saw this picture I thought someone had stolen him for a picture shoot...I could not and WOULD NOT ever expect to have a better, more gentile giant. I live in a not so good neighborhood, and he scares the SNOTT outta the neighbors just because of his size... as far as kids... he has been kicked, eyes piked, nub tugged, ears pulled... and even his "jewels" stepped on by children(grand kids)... (not abused... just little kids being kids)... he has NEVER not ONCE even growled at any child... he HAS however fought to protect them... not even kids he knows... you come in front of our house and hit your kid... hes gonna let you know he does NOT approve...I will miss my Gentle Giant once he is gone...

Apr 12, 2013
best friend Ive ever had
by: Amber

I also had a black lab\rott mix named Mattias. Ill never get over losing her, and she died nine years ago. She was brilliant, loving, funny, and the best friend that Ive ever had.

Feb 24, 2013
Best Breed Ever
by: margie

He is gorgeous. I had the same mix, but a female 120# and she was wonderful. I rescued her from the street when she was about 2, i never ever had a second of grief from her, she was 14 when she died of cancer,, and my heart is still broken. She was always by my side,and if not for her i would of lost touch with the world when my son died serving our country. She was a gentle giant who was popular with the neighborhood pets, elderly , children and even the wild rabbits. Yet she was intelligent enough to sense when she needed to be on guard , i was spoiled with this breed and would settle for nothing but my labrarott. :) 7

Thanks for this Margie. A real positive vote of confidence for this special breed.- Hilary

Nov 26, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thanks for all of your kind comments! -Eric-

Nov 23, 2012
gorgeous dog!!!
by: Anonymous

Looks like a panther dog, love it!

Oct 20, 2012
by: Eric J. Radcliffe

Hi, No she has not ever shown any kind of "real aggression," towards other dogs her size and build. But she is also highly trained and socialized with other dogs. In fact taylor weighs 97lbs, but my 55lb English Setter puts her in her "place" frequently. I have seen her get what people mistake for aggression a lot when she plays with other dogs, she will often raise her hair, on the ridge of her back, but she does this without any other kind of posturing or growling. :)

Thanks for your response Eric - Hilary (ed)

Oct 19, 2012
Beautiful Boy!
by: Anne

Wow, your dog looks identical to my "Boscoe".
Love the breed, curious, has yours ever shown aggression to other males his size?

Aug 18, 2012
Beautiful coat!
by: Tank's mom

I also have what I believe to be lab rott mix. When I got Tank at the pound, there were two sister pups with the definite rott markings. Mom was there too and carried the lab look. My Tank is now
2.5 yrs old. Yours and mine nearly identical in build and I see yours has the exact same beautiful shiny black coat. I've never seen another dog with such a sheen to the coat like our dogs have. What a pretty picture you have posted here!

Jul 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

Omg!! That looks so much like my old dog Sam, same rotti/lab mix at 160 lbs. Unfortunatly died at 12 y/o from an enlarged heart.

May 28, 2012
Sorry for your loss
by: Eric J. Radcliffe

Sorry for your loss, but you will see her again someday :) Taylor is always "underfoot" as well and one of her favorite things to do is swim.

May 27, 2012
so beautiful
by: Cheryl

Your dog is beautiful,we had a female of the same mix who could be a twin of yours,we lost her 3 months ago at the age of 9 due to pancreatic cancer,we are now looking for another as thier personality is the best.We miss our girl so much as she was always one step behind me,she was my shadow while walking swimming doing yardwork,going for truck rides...lol...seeing your pictures made me cry.

Hi Cheryl, so sorry for your loss. Hope you're okay. It's such a tough time losing your best friend. - Hilary (ed)

Mar 28, 2012
by: Victoria

Taylor is just stunning, up there taking all the beauty in. I just recently had to put my baby down. He was a black lab/rottweiler mix. He was 10yrs. 7mons. and was diagnoised with aggressive lymphoma. He was going down quick and I decided to allow him to die with dignity. He was euthanised on March 8, 2012 and cremated March 16, 2012. I am grieving very badly. We did everything together. I had him since he was 5 weeks old. His name is SHADOW. I am looking for the same mix, a boy puppy, 5 to 6 weeks old that looks like the black lab-all black with the short rot. tale.

Hi Victoria, so sorry to hear your sad news. Hope you're doing okay. Shadow is at peace now and out of pain. - Hilary (ed)

Jul 27, 2011
Your Dog Looks Just Like Mine
by: Sam

My dog, Tupelo Honey looks exactly like yours. She is two and half and about 85 pounds. I wish you could see a picture of her. She is soooo beautiful. Perfect black coat and huge head!

Do send in a photo!

Jun 14, 2011
Thanks You!
by: Eric J. Radcliffe

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments! I really appreciate them.

Give a big tickle to lovely Taylor!

Jun 02, 2011
Highly Commended
by: Hilary (Ed)

Hi Eric, just to let you know you narrowly missed the top spot with your lovely photo of Taylor. He's a beauty as is the photo.

May 11, 2011
by: Hilary (ed)

Hi Eric, wow what a stunning mix this is. Taylor's so handsome!

May 06, 2011
by: Samantha

This is a great photo :D and a lovely dog !!

May 06, 2011
by: Robin

What an awesome photo! Gorgeous photo, gorgeous dog!

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