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Black Labrador Cross Dalmatian - Breed Profile

by Andrew Henderson



Excellent with children and adults alike. Very tolerant and features the best of each breed. Very loyal but can be a little jealous. Can run all day and loves the outdoors.

Face and head shape like a black Dalmatian but definitely the appetite of a Lab!

Jet came to us nearly two years ago as a five/six year old rescue from Dogs Trust. He had been found as a young stray and re-homed by DT Darlington where he stayed for 2 years. He was returned to DT and then adopted by someone for 1 week before being returned. He was then adopted again for 6 days before being returned to Dogs Trust. We became his fifth owners in October 2008 and we wouldn't dream of parting with him.

Each night he looks in on each of our children and makes sure they are both settled. He then lies on the landing until we go to sleep before taking himself off downstairs to his own bed. Such a caring lad.

Visit our Black Labrador page to see other photos of this great breed including Black Lab Crosses.

Comments for Black Labrador Cross Dalmatian - Breed Profile

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Apr 23, 2014
My beautiful Buster
by: Tracey

I bought my beautiful boy Buster, a dalmatian cross lab (looked more Dal than lab) from a family who decided they didn't want him after being given the dog they always wanted...a bulldog! Their loss totally as Buster was the best dog I ever had. So loving, loyal, smart and full of personality, basically the ultimate dog. Sadly Buster only lived to 7 as he developed lymphoma and we lost him very quickly after being diagnosed. We loved him beyond belief. The grief was almost unbearable. One day when our grief subsides and we are all open to loving another dog, I will definitely seek out the same breed of dog. Very hard to find I imagine.

Hi Tracey, hope you're doing ok. The loss of a dog is a terrible thing but I'm sure one day you'll feel ready to let another dog into your hearts. Best wishes, Hilary (editor)

Jul 11, 2013
Chocolate lab x Dalmatian
by: Anna

We have a chocolate lab x Dalmatian dog who is now 6 years old. We have had him since he was 10 weeks old and he is truly the best dog anyone could ever ask for. He is the best £150 pounds I have ever spent! (I also drove over 5 hours to see the litter and a few weeks later returned to collect him!)
He has always been a very calm and laid back sort of chap ever since he was a puppy (unlike a typical Dalmatian perhaps?) We now also have two young children and he is so tolerant and gentle with them. We all love him to pieces and I think he loves his life on the farm with us!
Considering his litter was a mistake, (the male chocolate lab and female Dalmatian weren't meant to get together!) I think he had turned out remarkably well and and we would never want to be without our beloved Dalmador, Ralph!

How lovely!! :-) - Hilary (ed)

Jul 08, 2013
My Dalmador
by: Dave and Dakota

Dakota, my Dalmador, has been with me since he was 9 months old and for two years now. At almost 3, he still has boundless energy. We go to the dog park every morning without fail for about 2 hours and he outlasts all the other dogs. Then, after he spends the day running around his big back yard with some rest periods, we go for a 5 mile walk (I walk 5 miles, he must walk/run 10 through the woods). Around 8 each night he puts himself to bed and sleeps like a baby till morning. He is gentle and obedient, eager to please. He maxed out at 55 pounds. He's more ab colored (with black spots on his white chest, socks, and a white tip on tail) but has the dalmation look in head, neck, body and tail. He is very fast and very strong. I love this dog!

Feb 08, 2013
by: Diana

I just rescued a beautiful dog off the highway a few days ago. The first few days it was a struggle to get her in and out of the car, up any stairs or even through the door of my apartment. She was so timid and frightened of people. But after a few days she began to warm up to me once she realized she could trust me and I just could not bring myself to take her to a shelter. So I decided to keep her. She has made so much progress in just one week. She has gained weight, is no longer afraid of new people, and even answers to the name I gave her, Zoey. We are working on potty training and she is doing well. After some research I am pretty sure she is a Dalmador, especially after reading all you guys have had to say about them. All I know for sure though is that I am completely in love with her!

Hi Diana, this is a real good news story! Hope Zoey continues to settle in well - Hilary (ed)

Oct 22, 2012
by: Dian

I bought Butch when he was ten weeks old. My husband and I played with him, ran him and walked him daily and he was always ready for more. He was great fun but also protective of his family, especially me. He died four years ago at the age of fourteen. I still miss him.
I have a little Schnauzer now and she is a sweetheart but there will never be another dog like my beloved Butch.

Hi Dian, that's very moving - Hilary (ed)

Sep 01, 2012
lab/dalmatian puppy from Greece
by: poly

Hello everyone!
I have a really lovely puppy but i need to know how to make not to do peepee in house.
when we go on our ordinary walk , never do anything...only at home..why?
its 3 months now, very obedient, lots of playing but still peepee at home only!
what to do?

Hi Poly, the moment your puppy does something outside, you must make a big fuss! Maybe even give her a treat. Take your puppy outside at very regular and frequent times so she has lots of opportunities to go to the toilet. The important times to take them out are after a sleep and after food. Please persevere. I'm sure you will have a breakthrough soon! Good luck. You need lots of patience when they're little! - Hilary (ed)

Jul 26, 2012
The more you know...
by: RevRiot

Thank you for this article!! My pup Echo caught Parvo and beat it like a champ!! We were originally told she was a black lab/boxer, but the vet said Dalmatian!! It makes so much sense!! We have two from the same litter, one is the runt, but he caught up in size!! Barks like a beast and he's only 17 Weeks!!

Mar 09, 2012
Lab Cross Dalmation
by: Jet's Dad.

I would agree, sensible discipline and regular excercise is a major part. Puppies, like children are always trying to push their boundaries. I find noise aversion an effective way of keeping any dog in check. A plastic drink bottle with small stones, shaken when the boundaries are pushed will work wonders, if used at the right time. But stick with it, they are so worth it.

I've been watching Crufts this week and I feel sorry for these people with high maintenance pure breeds. Still, their decision I suppose. Give me a happy, healthy cross of two good breeds anyday.

Mar 08, 2012
Demanding Dalmador!
by: Nikki-g

I've had my "dalmador" for only a few weeks and I'm struggling with his behavour. He is only 8 months old. He is not an easy dog but is so loving he is full of energy and demands my attention all the time. I really hope he grows out of chewing and barking or whining for my attention.

Hi Nikki, there is no getting away from it, having a puppy is very demanding! I remember with our Golden Retriever feeling completely overwhelmed at times and out of my depth. You have to dig deep for reserves sometimes just like with a toddler! In fact think of your pup like a toddler! If you are consistent with your responses, don't over-react, maintain your boundaries, give enough daily exercise, keep to a routine of feeding, walking etc, your pup WILL settle. GOOD LUCK!!

Mar 29, 2011
Black Lab x Dalmatian
by: Anonymous

We had a black lab x Dalmatian for 5 years. Sadly she was bitten by a tiger snake and could not be saved. We loved our "Dalmadore" she was the most loyal dog I have ever had and was a true friend to our 2 year old son. They were best of friends. If we could get another one I would in a flash. The absolute best dog ever.

So sorry to hear that. It must have been a terrible time for you all. - Hilary

Mar 20, 2011
breed name
by: d. todd

The Dalmation and Labrador cross is a fantastic breed of dog. I call them Dalbradors. They truly do exhibit the best of both breeds.

Mar 05, 2011
by: saurabh dwivedi

hiiiii ... this is the real dog...awesome speechlesssssss woooowwwwwwwwww sooo beautiful....

Feb 15, 2011
I have one just like him
by: Cur

You should check out my Dalidor Cisco. Looks just like your dog, Jet. Best dog ever,eh?

Feb 03, 2011
I love my dog!
by: the owner's daughter.

this story is a real insight into Jets life and im sure that he would love all the comments he's getting.
He deserves them.
Love him forever and he loves us!

Sep 29, 2010
photo of our Lab/Dalmation cross
by: Anonymous

how do i attach photo?

Hi, go to the bottom of the September 2010 contest and there's a form where you can send in a photo.

Or if you have info about that particular breed as well as a photo, go to the dog breed submission page.

Sep 02, 2010
Great looking dog
by: Anonymous

finally I have found someone with same breed as ours, we have a 4 YEAR OLD bitch lab/dalmation

she is wonderful so well behaved

she swims for ages and can walk for miles

Can you send in a photo?? - Hilary

Aug 04, 2010
by: Debbie

Thank you for adopting him. I bet you have fun explaining a dalmatian with no spots.

Aug 02, 2010
by: Hilary (Ed)

Hi Andrew, thanks for all that useful info. That is so touching, how Jet checks on your kids. He obviously wasn't given the right chances before - so pleased he found you and your family.

We are no longer taking comments on the site - thank you for your interest

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