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Brown Doberman - Blade

by Miss Angela Mckee
(United Kingdom)

the day I chose my owners

the day I chose my owners

the day I chose my owners
here's me with a big cheesy grin - what you have to do for a gravy bone hey
this is me chilling out after a dog beer from pets at home

Hi, me and my boyfriend went to look at some puppy Dobermans. We had the pick of the litter. I wanted small girl, boyfriend wanted biggest boy in litter.

We couldn't decide so visited breeder a few times, and the times we went, when we were leaving, the smallest of boys was always at the door with us. He was always going for my trousers, so he picked us really!

He's my gorgeous little boy and we both love him very much. We think he didn't get all the milk but got all the brains choosing us which we are very grateful for as he is a credit to us.

If one of us is bad he won't leave our sides. He's the most placid of dogs.

For instance while walking through Crimden Dene there was a little Chihuahua who came out of nowhere. He started chasing Blade and Blade ran away and hid in the bushes. Everyone was laughing at him and a young couple said they wished they had it on camera. It was the funniest thing they ever saw.

As you can tell we could write a book about Blade and he is only 3yrs old. As for his picture I am sending, it just goes to show how handsome and proud he is and also a proper poser who loves getting his picture took. If he was human he would be Brad Pit.

Hope you agree and we hope to have many more years of happiness with Blade.

Cheers, Angela Mckee.

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Comments for Brown Doberman - Blade

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Aug 28, 2010
Thanks for the comments
by: Angela

Blade is a lovely dog and it makes me happy when other people comment on him.

Aug 22, 2010
Handsome Boy
by: Elaine

Glad to see Blade is still chillin', even as a grown-up boy! He's a beauty!

Aug 14, 2010
by: Emma

Blade is adorable I love how you go looking for a specific puppy and you end up with the opposite. My nana wanted a puppy with lots of white on and ended up with a totally brown one.

Aug 13, 2010
by: Debbie

What a cute picture and sweet story. Hope you have many more happy years with Blade. I do think dogs choose us.

Aug 13, 2010
by: Hilary (Ed)

Hi Angela, Blade sounds adorable and look at those big puppy paws! Thanks for all the info and the great pics.

We are no longer taking comments on the site - thank you for your interest

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