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Jack Russell / Bichon Frise cross

by Lisa Dennis
(United Kingdom)

It's hard work being a dog!

It's hard work being a dog!

This picture was taken after a long walk in the country. Hence he is shattered.

Comments for Jack Russell / Bichon Frise cross

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May 07, 2014
Jackie bichon
by: Anonymous

I just had to comment because your pup looks just like ours. I wasn't sure what to expect as the two breeds are pretty different but she is the best of both worlds. when people see her they guess jack russell right away but always wonder what she's mixed with. She's not at all what I expected after researching Jack Russells. She is not hyper at all except when she first sees someone (and I think I just need to train her to be calmer during introductions) She loves to get out and exercise but most of the time she is laying around in what ever room we are in. Her biggest problem is she really hates when we leave her at all. I think that may be my fault though because I didn't have the heart to leave her when she was little from the time we got her (8weeks) until she was around 4months we took her with us everywhere I just didn't have the heart to leave her alone and she was little enough that we could still get away with taking her in shops with us. She is such a sweetie! We named her Jaxy. wish I could post a picture of her. My husband wants to get another puppy because having her has been pretty carefree and he thinks it would be good for her to have a companion when we are not there but I'm worried the next dog won't be as easy going as she is.

Jan 27, 2014
by: roz

hey yes the same. i want one of these dogs too. Where can I buy one?

Jan 01, 2014
Question for Lisa Dennis
by: Van

Hi Lisa
Your Jackie Bischon is adorable, we are looking to get a new dog and I wondered if I could ask where you got her from pleas as she is exactly what we are looking for. Thank you so much. VJ

Oct 28, 2013
Re: Moulting
by: Diane

Hi Karen, I have a beautiful girl called Gypsy who's just celebrated her 1st birthday. I have had JRT's for years and she is my first JackieFrise and she never moults - just a few hairs in the comb when I brush her. It's sooo nice not having the whole house covered in dog hair lol. She is a gorgeous little dog and I really don't think I'd go back to a purebred JR now :) x

Thanks for that Diane - interesting information! - Hilary (ed)

Aug 02, 2013
by: TheresaAnonymous

This breed is so adorable . I have one and I love him to bits. He is full of energy . Scruffy loves to play fetch and catch.

Aug 13, 2011
Hi Heidi
by: Louise

Yes I remember when we met, it was over the park at West Worthing. Scampy is still as gorgeous as ever, although he is a lot bigger than his sisters! Lol He has another sister called Jess who we see quite often and she is still tiny.Jess' mum is also my midwife (what a coincidence) i am 31 weeks pregnant, so haven't been able to walk as much, so Scampy has been going over the lamb park in Durrington with his dad most days.Not sure what Scampy's going to make of a new baby in the house!? Hope to bump into you soon.

Aug 13, 2011
Scampy's relative!
by: Heidi

Hello Louise in Worthing, we met on Worthing beach...or was it the park? cant remember...but anyway, we have Scampi's sister Dolly! She is the most adorable little thing and so tiny still! it was their 1st birthday 6/8/11...how time flies! will post a picture! hope to see you around! Heidi

Hi Heidi, hope to see a pic of Dolly soon! - Hilary (Ed)

Jun 29, 2011
His name is Gibbs
by: Kel

I have been blessed to have a jackie bichon! Hes now 4 yrs old. Best Dog I have ever had in my life. He Loves toys: He brings you a toy, you throw it, he gets it and brings it right back. He gets the newspaper and brings it in the house. He does all the normal tricks like roll over, gives you his paw, barks on comand. He licks his lips when he wants a treat.He loves balloons, he hits them in the air like a seal. Hes so loving and sweet.He loves people and is good with other dogs. He travels great in the car. Hes so good in hotels. He takes his toys and runs through the house. He takes his toys and runs in circles with them. Hes such a delight. He was the easiest dog to train. Just used the puppy pads.He almost trained hiself. He learned to roll over and stuff in less than a 1/2 hour.

Gibbs sounds amazing. Do send in a photo :-)

May 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

He is now 1 year old - and still with lots of energy. He's smart and well-trained. It takes time, but the breed can really learn a lot of things.

For you new Jacki Bichon owners - congrats - you´ll never regret.


Apr 13, 2011
by: Niki

My Jack/Bichon Lily is a gorgeous, sweet, smart and obedient little dog. It took a fair amount of patience to train her, but well worth the effort. She has lots of energy, but can be quiet too. A really lovely combination of the two breeds.

Mar 24, 2011
puppy days
by: Anonymous

I just bought one of these lovely creatures. very hyper, very energetic 13 weeks old now. I am dying to take her for long walks but have to wait for the last vaccination.

Housetraining - how long is it supposed to take? she pees outside when I take her, but will also pee/poo inside - doesn't seem to show any signs/hints of when to go.

She doesn't eat much, mainly canned food, doesn't seem to bother with the dry stuff?

Chews everything.

I guess I just got myself a puppy? Love her to bits, but it's like having another baby in the house.

Feb 16, 2011
I have one of these called Scampy
by: Louise

I love your picture - he looks identical to my pup Scampy. Scampy is 5 months old and absolutely adorable. He is so friendly and loving and we take him to run on the beach everyday (we live in Worthing). We have 2 cats, one is very miserable and hisses at him the other is very playful and plays with him all the time, it's so cute to watch. Although Scampy is not supposed to moult he does seem to lose quite a bit of hair on clothes when you pick him up. He's my first dog and I'm so glad I got him.

Hi Louise, we're practically neighbours! (we're in Brighton) How about sending in a photo of Scampy?

Dec 10, 2010
by: ann

You dog looks very much like mine..Charlie is 6 months old now and a real sweetheart.He loves everyone and does not have a mean bone in his body.We love him very much and can't imagine life without him.He came to us only a few weeks after we had to say goodbye to our 14 yr old Jack Russell..He was a life saver..We look forward to many many years with Charlie.

May 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

looks alot like my little dog, doris ,she loves everybody i would hate life without her, she is my world xx

Mar 07, 2010
mine is nice
by: Anonymous

I have one of these. She is super-cute, and smart, and really nice--VERY FRIENDLY to people and other dogs. One of my cats hates her, as she has a tendency to chase and nip and the cat is shy. The other cat gets along with her well. No indication of real aggression. Playful and eager to please.

Thank you for this! It's always good to hear from an owner although obviously individual dogs vary a great deal! Hilary (Ed)

Oct 25, 2009
info needed!
by: Hilary

Hi Karen
There doesn't seem to be too much information about these very cute dogs. Hopefully someone will answer your query.

Oct 23, 2009
by: Karen

Hi, can I ask if this cross moults as we are interested in getting one and could you give me some advice on temperament please.
Many thanks,

Aug 21, 2009
by: Hilary

There are some gorgeous cross breeds around. And this one is no exception. Lovely! I bet he had a long sleep after this walk :)

Aug 15, 2009
great face!!!
by: Jude

What a gorgeous face!!! lovely pic :)

Aug 13, 2009
Great Face
by: kayowe

This lovely little creature has a wonderful face.

We are no longer taking comments on the site - thank you for your interest

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