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How about a jazz influenced dog name for your pet?

We're jazz fans at 'Out-and-about' so we thought we'd suggest thirty top jazz names for your pooch.

Your dog will be a cool cat!

If you're looking for unique dog names then you've come to the right page.

jazz dog

Here's Jessie enjoying a spot of Charlie Parker!

So without further ado, let's get down and dig some cool jazz names . . . oh and don't forget the name 'Jazz'!

1. Ella
2. Mingus
3. Coltrane
4. Chet
5. Miles

6. Louis
7. Basie
8. Count
9. Frank
10. Oscar

jazz dog

11. Sonny
12. Ornette
13. Chick
14. Dixie
15. Duke

16. Bud
17. Dizzy
18. Benny
19. Dexter
20. Chico

jazz dog

21. Herbie
22. Woody
23. Billie
24. Jarrett
25. Quincy

26. Freddie
27. Barney
28. Charlie
29. Monk
30. Django

By the way, my husband is a UK jazz trombonist. Pop by when you have the time. His website is Mark Bassey.com

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