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Pictures of Pitbulls

Pictures of Pitbulls all taken by visitors to our site.

We support the 'Deed Not Breed' movement which says that owners are responsible for the actions of their dog and that these irresponsible owners should be targetted not a specific breed as a whole.

pitbull with bandana
In the UK, the Pitbull Terrier is presently subject to Breed Specific Legislation. This means that under British law it is an offence to own, keep, gift, breed from or sell a Pitbull Terrier.

At Out And About With Your Dog we strive to offer a balanced view and are proud to present these positive images of Pitbulls sent in by responsible and loving owners.

The Pitbull images below

If you like one of the images below there is an opportunity to make a comment. Just click on the photo to see a bigger image and accompanying info about the dog.

Please note that only positive comments go live.

Pitbulls Photos

Click to see a bigger image and to find out more/make a comment.

blue merle pit bull photo
Blue Merle Pitbull
pitbull dog photo
pitbull with owner on couch

american pit bull terrier in field
pitbull puppy purebred tri-champayne rednose razors edge
pitbull dog playing in grass

chocolate pitbull puppy photo
pitbull puppy with female owner
chocolate pitbull in garden photo

pitbull photo in garden
Oreo (bluenose)
blue nose pitbull in bandana
Bella Blu (bluenose)
pitbull puppy photo

pitbull family - mum, dad, baby boy
Mum, Dad, baby boy
pitbull having fun with tennis ball
pitbull puppy with coke bottle

picture of sleepy pitbull
blue nose pitbull photo playing in garden
Deebo (bluenose)
cute pitbull puppy photo in garden
Nitro (bluenose)

pitbull puppy looking up
pitbull sleeping with baby
pitbull adult with pitbull puppy playing
Nitro and Deebo
Blue Merle Pitbull

pitbull at home photos
pitbull barking at owner
blue merle pitbull puppy
Blue Merle Pitbull

pitbull with pearls and flower
Callie Marie
pitbull standing by tree
close up of chocolate pit bull smiling
Chocolate Pitbull

pitbull dog under the Manhatten Bridge
pitbull giving dad some kisses
American Pitbull
blue nose pitbull stretched out on ground
Blue Nose Pitbull

Pitbull Cross Pictures

pitbull photo
 Dog Photo Contest - www.out-and-about-with-your-dog.com
Pitbull Mixes
Mackenzie and Dash
pitweiller dog photo

pitbull/husky mix puppy
staffy pitbull mix on the beach
husky pitbull mix photo

mastiff pitbull cross making friends with horse
pitbull weimeraner cross photo
pitbull mix laying down with toddler
Pitbull Mix

There are other Pitbull Pictures on the site. Simply type 'Pitbull' here and all other references on the site will show up.

Thank you to all the owners of these fantastic dogs!

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Pit Bull Puppies Personal Checks

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Pit Bull Personal Checks

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Pit Bull Checks - Pit Bulls Again Personal Checks

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Although we cannot prevent people from copying these photos, we ask that you think twice before doing so. They have been sent in good faith to our site - Out And About With Your Dog - and it is unfair to place them on other sites without the owner's permission.
Thank you for respecting people's privacy.

Visit "Three Little Pitties" if you'd like more info on Pitbull Dogs.

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