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Out And About With Your Dog is very proud to have received these police dog pictures and information showing Shadow working with his handler Roger Canady. Thank you Roger!

Shadow is one of the California Police Dogs and is trained in protection, trailing, and narcotics detection. This is what Roger writes about him:

Californian police dog, Shadow

Shadow is a six year old Belgian Malinois. He was born in the Netherlands and was trained in KNPV (Royal Dutch Police Dog Association). He was awarded the certificate "objectbewakingshond-met lof" (object guarding dog-with honors) and was sold to a police dog supplier in Riverside California. This is a common path for European sport dogs, they usually get trained until they get a certificate or title then are sold to police trainers around the world.

police dog with handler

Shadow is trained in the Dutch language and I still use my butchered version of his original language to work him. I have had Shadow for almost three years and he has done an outstanding job. He is trained in protection, trailing, and narcotics detection. He once trailed a bad guy for 1/2 mile, through a vineyard, into an industrial park, across two streets, and found him hiding under a long row of hedges. If it wasn't for his nose, I would have lost many bad guys, and missed lots of dope.

police dog Shadow with handler

Shadow lives with me and my family and I often joke about seeing him more than I see my wife. He is with me at home and at work, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I do not spend more time with anyone else, and it shows. When I leave him at home from time to time, he does not like to hear the sound of me leaving without him. On the rare occasion I leave him at home, my wife tells me he acts "depressed" and "a jerk".

As if this wasn't enough, Shadow is also very sociable with the cat and the very nosy little Chihuahua he has to share the house with. I have noticed that Shadow has no interest in other animals, he is an absolute people dog. I took him to the dog park once just to see how he would react and he refused to leave the area where the people were. He ignored all the dogs in the park and just hung out by me.

police dog training with handler

It has been said dogs are man's best friend, but there is no bond like the one between a K-9 and his handler.

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