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Terrier mix and Cocker Spaniel mix

by Lynda Sanders
(Walnut, Ca. USA)

Cute Couple

Cute Couple

Terrier mix -Tramp (left) and Cocker Spaniel mix - Tess

This is Tramp and his new girl friend Tess. She belongs to our neighbor and they visit and play once a week. We of course call them Lady and the Tramp. When we go near her house he whines and looks in the gate to see if she is outside in the back yard.

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Comments for Terrier mix and Cocker Spaniel mix

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Aug 09, 2011
i have one!!!
by: Anonymous

I have a silky terrier(f)/cocker spaniel(m) mix. He is the most handsome dog i have ever had. He does not shed :). Although I know he's a mutt, I would never call him that. He is my terrier spaniel lover boy.... lol

Oct 02, 2010
by: Hilary (Ed)

H Lynda, just to say congratulations on being chosen for this month! I love this photo and it looks great on the Homepage. Well done!

Sep 02, 2010
Lady and the Tramp
by: Hilary (Ed)

Hi Lynda, this is so lovely - such a sharp photo and really showing the dogs' personality. They do make a lovely couple :) And Tess is so pretty!

We are no longer taking comments on the site - thank you for your interest

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