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Top Dog Names designed to make you proud to have a dog! We have a great selection of original dog names on the site - but first some ideas.

Choosing your dog's name
The name you choose for your dog is very important. I suggest considering a few things before you plump on that top dog name.

  • The gender of your dog!

  • Obvious but nonetheless important.

    Male Names

    Female Names

  • The colour of your dog's coat

  • This could be a starting point if you're really unsure. At least this is unlikely to change as your dog grows up whereas crazy puppies do calm down eventually.

    'Bailey' for your brown dog may be a good option for example. Check our names for black, brown and white dogs if this is a possibility .

    Black Dog Names

    White Dog Names

    Brown Names

    Chocolate Lab Names

    Dalmatian Dog Names (great if your dog has markings or is spotty. Some of these names also work well for high energy dogs).

  • Your dog's personality

  • The problem with this is that dogs' personalities can change. We try and mould them into being calmer, or more obedient, or more friendly. So calling a dog, 'Springer' for example, because when you first got your dog they jumped up all the time, may create a self-fulfilling prophesy. They may continue to jump since you are sub-consciously expecting it and reinforcing your belief by naming it accordingly. We all want to be offered the potential to change, and your dog is no different!

  • Nature

  • Natural names are becoming more popular especially if you and your dog have opportunities to walk in naturally beautiful areas. Possibilities might be Fern, Bracken, Barley, Blade or Willow. Male Dog Names could be a starting point here and many work equally well for male and female dogs.

    Hunting Names

  • Themes

  • The dogs belonging to my Father-in-law have all shared a common theme: Roman Emperors! His current dog is Hector, and he has also had Nero, Caesar and Kim. Another member of the family chooses Shakespearean characters and so we currently have Othello and before that, Hamlet, Flute (Midsummer Night's Dream)and Brutus (Julius Caesar).

    Maybe you'd like a dog name with a royal flavour. If so take a look at our Royal Dog Names page.

  • The Origin of the Breed

  • If you have a pedigree dog, find out a little about that breed's origin. For example if your dog hails originally from Scotland (Westies, Cairn Terriers, Border Collies, Border Terriers and Deerhounds to name a few) then maybe a Scottish Dog Name could be the perfect choice.

    Scottish Names

    French Names

  • Music/Sport/Quirky names/

  • Naming your dog after a celebrity could mean it goes out of date - depending of course on the longevity of the celebrity status! 'Charlton' and 'Oscar' may stand the test of time but how about 'Posh' and 'Becks'? They're fun names anyway and it probably doesn't matter if the name becomes dated. The important thing is that you choose a name you like - or your children like. We like jazz music so I enjoyed compiling thirty top jazz names for dogs.

    Jazz Names

    Football Names

    Car Names

  • Favourite Names
  • There may be a name that you've just always loved and have thought about before you even got your dog. This was the case for me and the name 'Georgie', which we called our Golden Retriever. When I arranged to visit the breeder I sent a text to my husband, 'I think we may have found our 'Georgie'. And of course we had!

    Labrador Setter Crossbreed

    Here's 'Red', the Labrador-Red Setter cross

    Good luck in your search for the top dog name!

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